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Hoengseong : A Land of beautiful nature and abundant future! : The people of Hoengseong and welcome you netizens to the website of Hoengseong.

Korean Beef Plaza

Hoengseong, the name that first comes to people's mind when they think of Hanwoo (Korean native cattle). The "spectacular success of Hoengseong Hanwoo". How was this possible?

'Hoengseong' = 'Hanwoo', 'Hanwoo' = 'Hoengseong'

The first in Korea to create successfully a popular brand for Hanwoo, 'Hoengseong Hanwoo' is a strategic commercial product which is the result of brand making efforts that began back in 1995.

Hanwoo Plaza

Hoengseonggun selected "Deodeok (Codonopsis Lanceolata) and Hanwoo" as special brands representing the region and is making its best efforts to market it. The farming households opted to beat the competition with high quality Hanwoo. Building on such efforts, the Livestock Cooperative engaged in aggressive marketing in large scale consumer areas like Seoul.

As the agricultural and livestock market opened its doors to overseas imports, there is now an exposure to the risks of mad cow disease, and many foreign foods have already started to take over our dinner tables.
Many people are working diligently to safeguard the food we eat, and as if to reflect this, there is an increase in interest about "better and more reliable" foods.

As a quasi low latitude, high altitude, and cold front area, the Hoengseong region has been considered for a long time as the ideal place to raise Hanwoo because of clean water, partial oxygen pressure, breeding temperature, and suitable range of weather variation. Heongseong Hanwoo that has been raised in such a natural environment boasts the best quality on the market.
As such, Hoengseong Hanwoo that has been raised in God blessed nature can never be imitated, and Hanwoo Plaza is the place where you can enjoy the taste of the superior quality Hanwoo.

As a place directly administered by the Livestock Cooperative, Hanwoo Plaza has on its exhibit displays which show the origins and history of Hanwoo, the development of Hoengseong Hanwoo, and various high quality products relating to Hanwoo. Thus, you can retrace the historical footprints of Hoengseong Hanwoo.

This is a special place where the image of Hanwoo, which is more than familiar to us, makes us feel refreshed while we are unaware of it, and such freshness comes to us as a novel kind of leisure.

The taste of a vibrant nature!
You can encounter the true taste of Hoengseong Hanwoo here at the Hanwoo Plaza.